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Anylabel is an innovative company based in Denekamp. They specialise in the production of a wide variety of plastic products such as carrying handles, stitch labels and hanging labels. Anylabels customers are mainly active in the horticultural and ornamental horticulture sector, including (tree) nurseries, garden centres and large retailers & discounters.

We used to work with paper packing slips and order sheets.

We speak to Cis Sanderink, designer and commercial employee at Anylabel: "Before we used vPlan, we worked with printed order sheets. These order sheets were hung from a cupboard and followed their way through the entire company. After the labels were printed, the order sheets were hung on another cabinet. As soon as the production team started processing the order, this order sheet was picked up again to record the quantities produced. After completion, it was handed in so that a packing slip could be made. Because of this system errors could sometimes occur, such a sheet is easy to lose and it also offers less overview. Small order and a large order looked the same on the face of it, but in reality, this is of course very different."

Search for the right planning solution

When we ask Cis about the search, he tells us: "Some students at Saxion University of Applied Sciences conducted a study within our company into possibilities to gain a better insight into the planning within Anylabel. From this research, we were presented with different solutions, including vPlan. vPlan appealed to us, because of its accessibility and the many different functions within the planning tool. Earlier, for example, we used a different tool, but certain functions that were integrated with vPlan, such as capacity, were missing."

"With vPlan we now have insight into our planning."

vPlan is quick to put into use

"We chose vPlan because vPlan had several options that made us curious. After a meeting with the vPlan team, it soon became clear that vPlan listens carefully to its customers and takes new functions seriously. This gave us a good feeling. After we were quickly introduced to vPlan, we came across more and more functions that we could make good use of." says Cis.

Plantlabels made by Anylabel

Overview and insight into capacity

"Now that we are planning with vPlan, we have gained insight into our planning. We can easily distinguish between small and large orders. We also have a clear overview of our occupancy of the day. This allows you to see exactly whether there is still time for a rush order and when this is not possible. Ideal," says Cis.

Experience with the vPlan team

"The contact with the vPlan team is very nice. The down-to-earthiness and openness at Anylabel and vPlan, both of which are very evident, makes communication run smoothly. vPlan understood what we needed to do to optimise our planning. We are in the process of introducing vPlan throughout our company so that we can gain an even better insight into what is going on in the office."

Cis continues: "Because vPlan is constantly innovating, we have also noticed that in the short time that we are using vPlan now, we are already seeing several new functions pass by. Some of them were sure of added value for us. Even if you have a question, it's easy to contact us and we look along and think along with you, to set up the planning environment even better".

A valuable addition for companies!

"vPlan will be a valuable addition for many companies. The possibilities to classify the planning system are almost endless. So it doesn't matter exactly how you work in terms of process. I believe vPlan has a solution for every way of working". close Cis.

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