With our Automations, we give you the possibility to have an event (e.g. changing a status) activate an automatic action (e.g. add Remco to the map). This is done by setting your own predefined rules. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to focus on things that matter! Wondering how it works? Read on!

Note: this function is available from Basic (formerly Team).

How to add automation?

To add automation, go to the board where you want to make this automation. Go to the "Automation" tab. Click on "Add automation" in the top right-hand corner.

The automations tab for your board layout

You will enter the Automations Centrum. In this centre, you can add automation rules.

The Automations Centre

What is an automation rule?

An automation rule is a combination of a trigger and action, which we take care of for you. You can adapt every aspect of the rule to your needs. Let's take a simple example: when a card is created on stage {something}, create another card on stage {something} plus/minus {number} days. The options between the curly braces are the parameters, which you can configure yourself. In vPlan this looks like this:

Configuring an automation rule

In this case, the trigger is a new card created in a phase of your choice. The trigger creates an automatic action. In this case, an extra card is created in a phase of your choice, where you can indicate how many days before or after the 'trigger' card should be planned.

How will this work?

After the automation has been saved and activated, from now on all actions that meet the requirements will be carried out. For this example, we use SignLight. SignLight sells illuminated signs.

In the case of a new sale, an assembly order must always be scheduled 3 working days later. We set up the automation as follows:

Filling in flexible fields in an automation rule

When you're done, click on "Add"! Our first automation is live. 🎉 Every time a new sales order is planned, an assembly order is also automatically scheduled 3 days later.

Did you schedule orders automatically from ERP? In the old situation, it was possible to set at phase level to schedule sales, purchase and work orders automatically. Had you set this up, we automatically turned it into an automation rule. Please note: if you turn this automation rule off, these orders will no longer be planned automatically. You can now select more types of orders with the automation rule, namely quotations and projects.

More automations

Looking for specific types of triggers and actions? At the moment we have already made many predefined automations available, based on:

  • Activities
  • Date
  • Phases
  • Labels
  • Statuses
  • Resources
  • Followers

Our team is busy developing even more possibilities. Do you have a good idea? Then leave it in our ideas box.

More information

Automation is available from the package base (formerly team). There is a limit per package on the maximum number of automations that can be set:

Package Number of automations per board
Starter Not available
Basic 1
Professional 10
Custom Unlimited

Are you not yet using vPlan and do you also want to automate repetitive work? Try vPlan for free!