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    Burnley, Lancashire, UK
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    Exact Online
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BrightLED is a manufacturer of commercial and industrial LED lighting based in Lancashire (UK) and has existed since 2011. They aim to provide a mix of cost-effective stock and project solutions through their Industrial LED Lighting wholesale partner network. BrightLED does this with the added flexibility of modifying and customising a wide range of LED lighting products. They are members of 'Made in Britain' these are strong advocates of using the local supply chain.

Situation before

We talk to Bob Wilkinson, Director BrightLED: "Previously we didn't plan for the long term. Our planning was made in our ERP system Exact Online. Unfortunately, we had too little flexibility in moving jobs here and had no opportunity to allocate labour and prioritize our order".

"vPlan is a great system!"

Search for planning solution

Bob says: "The planning in Exact Online was not extensive enough for us. So we started looking for a planning solution in combination with our ERP Exact Online. We came into contact with Red Cloud Consultancy and they referred us to vPlan".

vPlan is the right solution

"We chose vPlan because it has a simple UI design. This makes the software very user-friendly. Besides, vPlan has all the functionalities we were looking for."

"We think vPlan is a great system. Now that we are working with vPlan, we again have a clear overview of our planning, both in the short term and in the long term. Besides, the employees at vPlan are very helpful. We also like the fact that we can think along with them in the development of the system. We would certainly recommend vPlan to other companies. says Bob."

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