Pay attention! In connection with recent developments, we changed the icon of "activities" into a card. Activities now have a 'Magic wand'- icon. The function Checklist has taken over the old activities icon, the well known 'checkmark'.

You don't have to invent the wheel a second time

You can create a checklist independently, but you can also make a checklist template. If you have made a checklist, you can use it more often. A checklist is ideal for recurring tasks. For example, we take the company Clothing & Co, which prints and embroiders clothing. In the configuration, you can create a checklist by clicking 'Add checklist'.

Never forget tasks

We create the checklist 'print clothing' and put all the tasks in the checklist that standardly have to be executed for a new task. Now Clothing & Co won't forget to perform this task.


Are you busy checking off the checklist and see that a task is missing? No problem! When the function 'changes' is turned on you can always and everywhere add and remove tasks.

Keep track of what is happening

In 'Events' you can see exactly who checked off the tasks when and where. This way you can later see who checked what off and when they did it.

Keep track of progress in the list view

In the list view it is possible to follow the progress of multiple checklists. Simply add the existing checklists to the list as a column. You can directly see the progress of your tasks.

And new automation!

This automation links automatic activities to a collection when you create one.

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