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Eleqtron is the founder of prefabricated, pluggable products for electrical installations in non-residential and residential construction. These products are used in construction projects for new construction, renovation and transformations. Eleqtron introduced pluggable installation in the Netherlands about 25 years ago. Thanks to this technique, building electrical installations can be delivered considerably faster, cheaper and more sustainable.

Eleqtron carries two brands. The Qneqt range supplies Eleqtron, thanks to its own assembly, entirely following the customer's specifications. The extensive range of prefabricated products includes connecting cables and boxes, presence detectors and light controls. With the Qcharge total concept, Eleqtron takes the next step in charging electric vehicles (EVs). The advantages of dynamic charging in combination with a flat-belt installation, a very flexible form of energy distribution.

The planning was disorganised

We speak with Danny Blaak, Supply Chain Coordinator at Eleqtron: "In the past we only worked with an assembly partner in the Czech Republic. From Eleqtron we sent purchase orders and these were confirmed through an Excel list. The planning was wet finger work. For example, 2,000 cords were produced one week, so 2,100 cords will be feasible the next week. In practice, you think you can estimate the time well. You always build in safety margins in case things don't go well once in a while.

When, due to the increasing demand for products, a production line was also started in Numansdorp, we came home from a cold carnival. After spending a lot of overtime in production, we started looking for a planning programme that could integrate with Exact Online".

"Now that we use vPlan, we can plan and communicate with our production sites in an easy way."

Integration with Exact Online

"Through Exact's App Center, we came into contact with vPlan. vPlan has integration with Exact Online, this was a hard requirement for our planning. In addition, vPlan has a user-friendly interface and we received a lot of personal attention. Because of all these factors, we decided to opt for vPlan." says Danny.

Huge time savings

Danny continues: "Now that we are using vPlan, we can plan and communicate with our production sites in a simple way. In the past, it was a day job to get everything streamlined and to be able to answer all questions. Nowadays I only spend 1.5 hours to check whether everything is still going according to plan. In short, using vPlan saves us a lot of time and annoyances".

Open to feedback and solution-oriented

"My experience with vPlan is excellent. The contact is always very pleasant, partly due to the young team and the no-nonsense attitude. We were one of vPlan's first clients and experience every time they are open to feedback and solution-oriented. We would certainly recommend vPlan to other companies! says Danny.

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