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FS Solutions is a supplier of total solutions, components and modular systems for process automation and internal transport. The Goor-based company was founded in 2005 by the owner's Peter and Erwin. Erwin considers himself to be the electro-technical type, while Peter is more of a mechanical 'guy' for the drives. FS Solutions started up in Rijssen and has since grown out of its shell and moved to Goor. Also, another branch was set up in Germany. FS Solutions has a solution for every company with an internal transport problem. For the production planning and execution of the work, FS Solutions chooses vPlan.

Planning in Excel caused unnecessary errors

We speak with Peter Horselenberg, Director of FS Solutions, to explain the choice for vPlan. "We used to make our production planning in Excel. The production planning in Excel took a lot of time and caused a lot of errors. Cutting and pasting production orders in Excel unnecessarily required a lot of manual work and was very laborious. Production orders are more difficult to find in Excel, so these orders are sometimes scheduled later than we are used to. Also, there was a little visual overview of the production planning in Excel. This had to be possible in a different way.

The choice of vPlan

"Through Exact, we came into contact with vPlan. We opted for vPlan because vPlan offers a nice visual overview of our production planning. Besides, we are virtual 'neighbours' with vPlan and we are both start-ups. We can grow together nicely. ", says Peter.

"By using vPlan we can plan much faster and we get a nice visual overview of our production planning".

With vPlan we have a visual overview of our production planning

"Using vPlan we are rid of Excel and have our production planning visually in vPlan. With vPlan, we can plan and shift our production orders more quickly, without losing insight into the planning. There is also a bright future for us in the vPlan Go app. With the vPlan Go app, everyone has their planning at hand. This can certainly be a solution for us in the future".

Good experience with support

"We have had good experiences with the support of vPlan. Support thinks along with us and quickly provides an answer to our questions and problems. We would certainly recommend vPlan to other companies", concludes Peter.

Do you also want a visual overview of your production planning? Try vPlan for free!