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PPD Instore is a production company specialising in the design, development and production of counter and floor displays. They supply displays, in the broadest sense of the word, to national and international relations. The company was founded in 1988 and is located in a modern and efficient building in Oss. PPD continuously explores the market for new and improving materials, techniques and resources. If it does not exist, PPD develops it.

With Excel, the chance of errors was high

"As a production company, planning is a very important process," says Ruud van Schijndel, production manager at PPD. "We planned with an Excel sheet, but this was very laborious. We had to retype a lot of data. This increases the risk of errors, but it was also time-consuming. After the implementation of our ERP package Exact Online, we were still looking for a solution for our inefficient planning".

"We now have the feeling that we are in constant control. This gives a lot of peace".

vPlan controls our production department

PPD came into contact with vPlan via the App Center of Exact Online. "Within a few days we had vPlan in use," says Ruud. "Thanks to the smooth integration with Exact, production orders are automatically transferred to vPlan. This saves us a lot of time and mistakes are no longer made. The planning board is set up based on our production process and available resources. We now have an overview and it is easy to use".

"An additional advantage is that, compared to Excel, we can now give several employees access to the planning," continues Ruud. "Together with our employees, we have a clear overview and status of every order within our departments. We now have the feeling that we have continuous control. This gives us a lot of peace".

vPlan listens carefully to our feedback

After having used vPlan for a while, PPD came up with some suggestions that could improve vPlan. "vPlan is open to improvements and always listens. Questions or comments are taken seriously. Furthermore, it is, of course, great to see that your feedback has been applied in new functionalities. I would certainly recommend vPlan to other companies," says Ruud.

Do you also want to get a grip on your planning? Try vPlan for free!