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Seacon Production is part of Seafood Connection, a leading global supplier of frozen fish and seafood. Every year they trade more than 70,000 tonnes of frozen fish products through their network of retail, food service, wholesale and industrial customers. The Urker company supplies sustainable fish products to more than 30 countries around the world.

Work was overlooked

We speak to Pieter Gerssen, COO of Seacon Production: "Before we worked with vPlan, production planning was often done by heart or planned in Excel files. As a result, there was a lack of a central overview and work was overlooked. Because of this problem, we sometimes had to make ad hoc decisions, which sometimes turned outright and sometimes wrong. More structure was needed in our planning process. We came into contact with the vPlan product through an acquaintance who had already developed integrations with vPlan".

"Our production planning can now be found in one central place, which provides more overview and peace of mind within the company".

The planning integrates with Claever ERP

"An important aspect of choosing vPlan was the possibility of integration with our current ERP package, Claever. Through the integration, our data are directly exchangeable, which means that when we make our production orders, this is immediately read by vPlan. For us, this is very important as we are in an industry in which our factory cannot be planned 100%.

With vPlan we have one central overview

"Due to vPlan, our production planning is no longer reflected in the heads of the chefs. Our production planning can now be found in one place. This changeover has given us more overview and peace of mind in the company and, besides, our activities are much easier to manage. Our production planning, for example, is no longer determined by the pressure from our sales department".

Good experience with vPlan

"We have had good experiences with vPlan. Setting up our production planning in vPlan was arranged in one week. The program is very simple and the contact went very well. The support from vPlan is also very much to our liking. If we have a question, vPlan responds very quickly, so that we can continue at a fast pace. We would certainly recommend vPlan to other companies", Pieter concludes.

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