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    Professional screen printing and embroidery
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    Exact Online
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Topscore is a real family business. In 1994 Topscore started supplying sportswear to clubs, but over the years it has shifted its activities to corporate and promotional clothing and business gifts. The complete production is taken care of in its factory in Gemert, so that the quality of the products can be properly monitored.

Planning on a whiteboard was time consuming

Topscore continues to grow and due to the constant growth, planning became increasingly important. Topscore uses Exact Online for order management, but the planning was done manually. "A weekly overview of the various orders was kept on a whiteboard," says Jeroen van den Eijnden, Director of Topscore. "A sales order from Exact Online was executed and saved in an order folder. A lot of manual work and all in all it was not efficient enough. It had to be done differently.

"vPlan is very flexible, we can plan quickly and it is easy to use."

With vPlan, the risk of errors is considerably reduced

Topscore comes into contact with vPlan via LinkedIn. "We quickly got in touch with vPlan and via an extensive demo I soon had the feeling that vPlan was going to save us time", Jeroen says. "The implementation of vPlan went quickly and smoothly. There was clear and well-founded support.

"With the integration between Exact Online and vPlan, orders automatically enter our online planning board. vPlan is very flexible, we can plan quickly and it is easy to use. With vPlan, we now know exactly what needs to be done. It gives us more overview and the chance of mistakes is considerably less," Jeroen continues.

Topscore saves one full employee

Topscore with vPlan has saved an enormous amount of time. Jeroen: "Previously, the planning was carried out by 2 FTEs. The digital production planning in vPlan has enabled us to save 1 FTE. Planning is not only faster but also better".

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