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Kroon-Oil develops and produces high-quality lubricants that apply to road traffic, two-wheelers, agriculture, marine, and more. They do this from two production locations, namely in Almelo and Zwijndrecht. With more than 100 years of experience, Kroon-Oil is a household name in the market. As an independent producer, Kroon-Oil can respond quickly to market developments and closely follow technology trends. Kroon-Oil products rightly earn the designation 'Made in Holland', but with internationally applicable specifications. Kroon-Oil products are exported worldwide.

We had no real-time planning

Production planning is a very important process within Kroon-Oil. Robin Pot, Office & Sales Support Manager at Kroon-Oil, describes the old situation as follows: "We used an Excel sheet for production planning. Slipping through the planning was an intensive operation. Besides, the planning was not clear to everyone and there was no real-time planning because the planning was printed out. This caused more and more frustration. The Excel planning was entered manually and was therefore a time-consuming task and the risk of errors. As Kroon-Oil, we especially wanted to improve the cooperation between the work planners and the production staff."

"The power of simplicity appealed to us directly at vPlan"

With vPlan, we have an overview

Robin came into contact with vPlan: "The power of simplicity immediately appealed to us at vPlan. It does what it's supposed to do, not too much fuss. We immediately got an overview and flexibility. This fits in well with our process."

The implementation of vPlan went very quickly. The IT department of Kroon-Oil developed an integration between the ERP system and the API of vPlan. As a result, production orders are automatically available in vPlan.

Better collaboration and more production time

"We notice that vPlan gives us much more insight and allows us to make better choices," says Robin. "The entire planning process is now much faster. We see that the collaboration between the work planners and the production staff has improved considerably. Also in our forwarding, the planning fits much better with the logistics process".

With simple filtering in vPlan, Kroon-Oil can cluster production orders better, saving machine changeover time and increasing production time. "All in all, we can no longer do without vPlan," concludes Robin.

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