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MW Bedrijfskleding dresses more than 5,000 customers from the 'most beautiful showroom in the Netherlands', an experience in the field of company and promotional clothing. Since the beginning of this year, they have automated production planning. As a result, all employees know what their tasks are at what time. Read how MW Bedrijfskleding saves time, prevents errors, and has a grip on the production process thanks to vPlan, linked to Exact Online.

About MW Bedrijfskleding

The 18-year-old MW Bedrijfskleding has a range of more than 250,000 articles. It processes an average of 175 orders per week. These consist of a few to hundreds of garments with a printed or embroidered logo, or complete made-to-measure garments. Customers can place their repeat orders online via the portal. The five embroidery machines run around 2,000 embroideries per week, varying from 1,500 to 80,000 stitches.

For each target group, there is a separate showroom with the range of clothing: from catering to sports, from business to care, from industry to retail. "Company clothing is and remains personal," says Melvin Oenema, Representative at MW Bedrijfskleding. "That's why we attach great importance to a personal approach, which makes our customers pleasantly recognizable.

"With vPlan we make optimum use of the capacity of our machines. They now stand still for less time, which saves us a lot of money".

Excel and Memo Sheets

MW Bedrijfskleding wanted real-time insight into each phase of the production process because of the increasing number of orders and the focus on customer satisfaction. There was no such insight and much was still maintained in Excel lists and on memo sheets. A lot of knowledge of the production and planning process was in the heads of the employees. This had to change, according to Melvin: "We wanted insight into which orders went out and when. But also when orders are produced and finished. This also had to be visualised on screens for the employees. With this, we want to avoid everyone waiting for each other, because of a lack of clarity about the progress of the different phases of the process".

By vPlan insight into each phase

To realize this, MW Bedrijfskleding chose vPlan. vPlan has a standard integration with Exact Online for Production. This means that, among other things, production orders are automatically transferred from Exact Online to vPlan. The planning in vPlan gives employees insight into all phases of the production process. They know when to start with which order.

"All this is beautifully visualised with clear statuses. It makes it very clear to the people on the floor where they stand and what needs to be done," says Melvin.

Utilising production capacity

"The number of embroidery stitches determines the duration of the order process", Melvin continues. "The embroidery machines run at 800 rpm. The production process for a logo of 8,000 stitches, therefore takes ten minutes. On top of that, there is the preparation for setting up the machine. This preparation time was not transparent. All to make good use of the production capacity of the embroidery machines".

Good guidance

Melvin gives another piece of advice: "Production employees do have good guidance in introducing a new way of working. Every change, no matter how small, can have a major impact on some. That's why employees should be well guided and take them with them in the use phase in advance".

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