Split tickets even easier in timeline

From now on you can easily split the strip of the ticket in the timeline. Hold down the ALT (Windows) or Option (Mac) key, decide where you want to split the ticket and then click to perform the split action.

Adding resources made easier

From now on you can add your resources even faster. Previously you needed to open the map to be able to add resources. From now on it is possible to add resources within the columns in the timeline and list view. In the example below we will show it to you.

Automations for notification

We have developed very cool automations. From now on you or your fellow users can automatically get notifications when you add a label or change a status within a phase. This keeps you and your team up to date on everything.

You can decide how you want to receive the notification. By e-mail, within your desktop or using through your message center. If you use our vPlan GO app, you can also allow push notifications in your mobile settings.

Statuses with time sheets

From now on, it is possible to assign a status to each time registration. Each time registration has four statuses: draft, in process, approved and rejected. For example, as a manager you can approve the written time.

Do you have any great ideas? Create them in our ideas box. You can also vote on ideas from other users.