Flexible columns in timeline view

The timeline display is now indispensable. We previously determined which columns were presented within the timeline view.It is now possible to determine by yourself which fields you see in the columns. Furthermore, you can also determine the sequence of the columns by yourself. You show what you want to see.

Communicate by e-mail

When you mention someone in a comment, they will receive an email. You will not only see that you have been mentioned in a vPlan card in your mailbox, but now you can immediately read the response in the vPlan app. That way you can work even more productively.

See statuses in Google Maps

Google Maps is already usable in cards with the free field: Address. Within the list view, you can see the map with all addresses added in the different cards. From now on, the color of the status is also visible in the map view of Google Maps. This way you can clearly see the statuses of your projects.

Pay attention! This is only possible with single cards and not with collections  

Even more connection possibilities with Zapier

The new triggers and actions in Zapier provide a lot of possibilities which reduce manual work. With triggers you can send information out of vPlan to different platforms within the Zapier-platform. For example, send an automatic SMS when you change a status.

Actions allow you to send information from different platforms to vPlan. For example, automatically add a new resource in vPlan when you add a new employee in Microsoft Teams.

2 New automations

We have developed 2 very useful automations. With these automations we make it possible for labels and statuses to talk to each other. For example, the status changes automatically when you add a label. Or have a label added when you change a status to a certain phase.

Last but not least. From now on, automations allow you to plan not only by due date, but also by creation date.

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