Make your planning board more visual

Are you visually inclined? Then we have a great new functionality for you. Have you added a photo to a card? Turn your cards into works of art by uploading an image and pinning it to your cover frame.

In the example below, cover photos are added to cards within an HR department's planning board. This allows the HR team to see all candidates at a glance and makes their cards even more recognizable.

In addition to a cover photo, you can also add a cover color. Choose a color from our fancy color palette and make your board more beautiful and functional. The color applies directly to all cards within your collection (order or project). This way you can easily see which cards belong together.

Lock cards

If you are a planner and would rather not have someone change the cards, lock the cards. Only when you unlock the cards, changes can be made again.

As part of this development we have also added a great new automation. The automation allows you to automatically lock or unlock cards based on statuses.

This new functionality opens up many possibilities within your planning board. We'll show it to you using an example. Suppose you manufacture a product. Within your manufacturing process you first need to perform a quality control before you can start with the next process step. With this automation you can set the status to 'completed' before the next step 'unlocks'.

Working smarter and more clearly in the timeline

The timeline is a tremendously powerful display and we have made sure that this overview can be used even better. We have added the following new features to our timeline:

Scroll less and see more in the timeline

One ofPlan's most requested functionality is now available. We offer you the possibility to fold or unfold the list within the timeline. In all overviews within the timeline, you can fold all or a specific part of the list. The function is very powerful when you fold everything together and turn on the capacity option. This way you can respond even faster to any bottlenecks and your schedule becomes more manageable.

Status overview

You may be familiar with the status overview within the calendar and list view, but we have good news! From now on you can also show a status overview within the timeline. This way you can clearly see and track the status of all projects.

View the progress of each project

Within the overview 'card' you can monitor the progress of your projects (collections). The total duration of a collection is shown by means of a grey bar. When cards within the collection are completed you can clearly see the progress.

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