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Export data from list view

A much requested functionality within vPlan is now a reality! You can now easily export all data within vPlan to a CSV file.

Imagine you use vPlan for your purchase and sales orders. You must share planned sales orders with your supplier. Before this option you had to type all the information manually, or you had to make a printscreen. From now on you can quickly export a CSV document with the desired data for your supplier.

CSV files

A CSV file is a file format with which you can easily separate and map data. You can import CSV files into many applications, including Excel, PowerBI, WooCommerce, or other programs.

For example, export a CSV file from vPlan with all contacts for setting up a mailing list. Or a spreadsheet with all your written times, which you then can analyze extensively.

Decide for yourself which information you export ⚒️

When you export, all the information shown will be displayed within the list. In the list view you can decide for yourself which information and columns you want to see. Use the filter to show or not show information, such as 'ready' status, within the columns. With the tool icon you can determine which columns you want to display. We'll show you an example.

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