Show users only their own cards

As a planner, you want to see all the cards on your plan board, but is this also necessary for other employees? With our new functionality you can choose within the profile of each user to give access to assigned cards. Users can only see their own cards within the plan board. This can be very useful when you hire external users or freelancers. Of course, you would not want external users to be able to see each other's planned cards.

Pay attention! User must be a resource and have the role of 'employee'

Want to know more about this new functionality? Read it here.

Archive boards, users, resources and activities

Do you keep boards because you may need them someday? With this release you can archive old boards, users, resources and/or activities. When you archive data from your setup, you make it invisible and don't throw it away right immediately. You can easily archive your information and retrieve it later. You can also display archived (invisible) information within your visible data.

Integration information within card is cloned when duplicated

When you have linked an integration with vPlan, you can show information from the integration in your card. Previously, the integration information was not displayed when duplicating a ticket. From now on, the integration information within a card is also cloned when duplicating. Now you can plan your orders/projects across different planning boards even easier and you can see always the integration information.

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