To give a good explanation of the new functionality, we take a look at the existing method of planning tickets from the backlog. In the backlog, you can create all your work to be planned in cards. These cards are filled with activities.

Existing methodology

Depending on your establishment, one card will be created per phase. Within these cards, several activities may take place in one card. When you open a card, you will also see that there are multiple activities present. The example above will result in three cards, one card per phase.

Existing methodology

New methodology: splitting cards by activity

So what has become possible in addition to this existing method? You can plan the same map on the planning board, where he doesn't create one map per phase, but a map for each activity! Below you can see the result.

New methodology 

This new way of planning is useful when, for example, you are dealing with specific activities that need to be carried out by a specific function/employee. In this way, you can link the right person to the right activity.

Decide for yourself which preference you prefer when planning. Set your preference when setting up the planning board!

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