The list view was mainly there to show all planned work (via the calendar) in clear lines. It was still possible to quickly change the status in one line, but this was the end of it. This had to be done differently and we have now realised this. You can now do so much more so that you can also start planning via the list.

First of all, it is possible to create tickets directly. Click on 'Create a new card' and you can immediately start typing the title. If necessary, select a phase and a planning date. Press [Enter] and the map is created.

Creating a card and changing the planning date

In addition to the status, you can also easily change the planned date. Click on the date and the date picker will automatically appear.

It is also possible to change the order by picking up the card and dragging it to another location. You can pick up a card by going all the way to the left of the line and clicking on the move icon.

Rearranging rules

It is also possible to select multiple lines with multi select. Hold the shift or control/command key and click on the title of the cards.

All in all, some nice new features to make it even easier to plan your work!

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