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QRMS originated in 2011 from a thesis Technical Business Administration from owner Twan Wulms. Within a few years, QRMS quickly grew into a fully-fledged company with seven employees. QRMS stands for Quick Response Machine Shop. They provide CNC machining services and projects for various industries, including the food industry, pharmaceuticals and mechanical engineering.

The planning was a pile of printed orders

Due to the rapid growth of QRMS, planning also became increasingly important. "The planning was a pile of printed orders, without an overview of the exact hours and machining sequence," Twan describes. "We use Exact Online and all the data is available for planning, but the planning went on paper. That had to be done differently. Via our Exact partner Auxil, we came into contact with vPlan.

"The pile of paper is a thing of the past"

We now plan digitally

"vPlan gives us a lot of overviews and everything is now digital. The pile of paper is a thing of the past," continues Twan. "The integration between Exact Online and vPlan ensures that work orders automatically enter our planning board. We now have a grip on capacity and throughput times. It is very clear what the next step of a work order is, but previous steps in the production process are also clearly visible. By placing labels on cards in vPlan, we can indicate clear characteristics.

vPlan provides insight into capacity

QRMS has with vPlan a more streamlined process. Because of this, it has brought much more peace in the workshop. "With vPlan, we now also measure the capacity per machine versus working hours much better. This knowledge helps us to improve and estimate the solution," says Twan.

Twan is also very satisfied with the service: "vPlan is very pleasant to use, partly due to its user-friendliness. They respond quickly and provide clear support".

Do you also want to get a grip on your planning? Try vPlan for free!