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About Roossien

Roossien Hoogwerktechniek supplies industrial climbing materials. Also, they give advice, provide customization, and offer maintenance. The activities are ISO 9001:2015 certified. This places high demands on the business processes. Discover how the Groningen company saves more than 90 hours per field worker per year thanks to the integration of vPlan with AFAS.


Roossien has been working with AFAS since 2010. In those days it was still a trading company. The company supplied modular aluminum aerial work platforms. However, Roossien received more and more requests for custom made steel. This was not the case with its German national supplier. Instead of outsourcing this, the Groningen company decided to do custom work itself. "With hindsight, I am pleased that we made the choice for in-house production, shortly after the choice of the ERP system," says Mark de Vries, CFO at Roossien.

Since 2017 Roossien has been ISO 9001 certified to guarantee quality and safety. AFAS is set up in such a way that all processes are made digitally. Employees register all their work via an integrated intranet, which is then processed automatically. "Should something go wrong, it is always possible to trace where the error occurred, when and by whom," says Mark. "A current order can consist of a workflow of several steps that employees have to go through. Certainly, when it comes to customization, the workflow can be intensive. This is all arranged in the ERP system so that employees do not skip a step".

We recouped the investment in vPlan very quickly.”

Problems with planning in Excel

"The planning was done in Excel that was fed by data from the ERP system. An adjustment in AFAS also had to be carried out separately in Excel and that was where things went wrong due to time pressure. As a result, planning regularly went wrong. Subsequent order processing in the ERP did not automatically end up in the Excel of the production staff. This was at the expense of the work pressure and the margin".

With vPlan, we have a grip

In 2016 Roossien came into contact with vPlan via AFAS. The planning tool is very user friendly and thanks to the integration with AFAS there are no more errors in the production planning. "We have built-in more control moments", says Mark de Vries. "At first glance, this seems more time-consuming. But because fifteen minutes of extra quality control we get things out of it, which means that two men cannot work for two hours on location at the customer's site".

Roossien processes a few thousand orders a year. The lack of planning software sometimes created a gap of 25% between the pre- and post calculation. This costs the company a lot of margins, because employees simply had to be compensated for overtime. This was solved by vPlan, as a result of which Roossien achieves efficiency gains of 90 hours per field employee (14 employees) per year. "Incidentally, this time gain is the result of working according to ISO certification, the digitization of the production processes in the ERP and the planning in vPlan," says Mark. "This has allowed us to recoup the investment in vPlan very quickly."

Get started quickly

The CFO of Roossien has nothing but praise for the design of vPlan. "We were given instructions via a video link on how to set up the software. We have short lines and the people at vPlan solve things quickly. Planning yourself with vPlan costs a fraction of what it takes first, because all the materials, delivery times, and employees are geared to each other. We now employ 26 people. If we now double the number of employees, we will be able to handle it with the same overhead thanks to automation".

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