We briefly list the five advantages of a digital planning board:

  1. Create grip and peace of mind

Digital planning board gives you a clear overview of which activities need to be carried out. A digital planning board can easily be viewed from different functions and perspectives. The digital planning board has the convenience of an old-fashioned planning board but adds all the digital possibilities. Planned work becomes visual, so you quickly know where any bottlenecks are. Because everyone works in the same planning, everyone knows what needs to be done. Also, the planning goes 'alive'. Not only internally, but perhaps even more important is that your customers get their products or services delivered on time as agreed. All this creates grip and calm.

2. Flexible and movable

As a company, you work in a very dynamic environment. Real-time insight with a digital planning board prevents unpleasant surprises. You set up processes simply the way you want. Adjustments in the planning can be made quickly and easily. A digital planning board logs all events. This way you always know who executed what and when. A digital planning board, such as vPlan, can even log time. So in addition to planning, the output is also recorded immediately. Measuring is knowing. Adjust your basic processes quickly and easily on the basis of historical data.

3. Higher productivity

By gaining a good insight into your capacity and activities, you can make good choices in your planning. Make sure that your resources are used optimally. Employees who don't know what to do or machines that stand idle unnecessarily are a thing of the past. Digital planning ensures that the work has to be carried out in a logical order and is done optimally.

4. Collaborate easily

Because it is possible to work with the entire team in one tool, you ensure smooth collaboration. A digital planning board is not only there for planning, but also to keep track of progress and communicate with each other. Share documents quickly, such as working drawings and instructions. Place comments and adjust statuses. In this way, the entire team is always up to date. All adjustments are made in real-time. You can even give your customers access to the planning, so not only do you keep your employees internally informed, but also your customers.

5. Integrate your planning with existing software

You can often link your digital planning board with software that is already used within the company, such as ERP and accounting systems. This saves a lot of manual work and gives you time for the 'real work'. Work from other systems can automatically enter the digital planning board. In addition to saving time, it is also less prone to errors. Everyone works with the same data.

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