New automation: Cards from board to board

We have developed a very advanced automation. With this automation, we make it possible that a card (or collection) based on status in board A can be automatically copied to board B. On board B this card can enter the next process.

We will show you this new functionality with an example. Imagine you sell curtains. Besides making the curtains to measure, you also provide the service of hanging the curtains. When the production process is complete, you need to plan the fitting job.

Zoom in even further and see the activity in our Timeline view

In our Timeline view, we have made it possible to zoom in even further. This gives you an even better view when looking at your schedule on a day-to-day basis.

The timeline has 4 zoom levels

We also show the activity in a strip so that you know exactly what needs to be done. This is only shown when you use one activity on a card.

Filter now also available in calendar view

The filter view was already available in the list and timeline view. Now, this function is also available within the calendar. It allows you to quickly filter by specific attributes, such as labels or resources.

Filter now also in the calendar view

Also, we have implemented some minor optimizations in the navigation within the calendar.

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