Available for everyone

The timeline shows your orders and projects globally. It is a handy method to see how everything fits together over a longer period of time. And the best news is that the timeline is available to everyone by default!

What is the timeline?

The timeline is also known as Gantt Chart. Tasks in the timeline have a start and end date. The task is displayed as a bar, where the total duration determines the length of the bar. Tasks can be related to each other and this is also visible in the planning. Adjustments in the timeline are quick and easy to perform. In addition, you can zoom in and out in the schedule. This way you can see the planning for a month, but also easy for a whole year.

How does the timeline work?

List of tasks

On the left side of the timeline, you will find the list of all scheduled tasks. In the list, we show some details of the task. The list can be folded in and out, so you can see even more of the timeline. Click on the 👉🏻 -icon to go directly to the task in the timeline.

Zooming in and out

At the top, you can use the plus and minus icon to determine how big you want the overview to be. The timeline can be zoomed in on days and zoomed out to months. You can also use the shortcuts ➕ and ➖ on your keyboard. Click on today to see the current schedule.

Different overviews

You can view the timeline from different views:

  • Phases
  • Resources
  • Collection of tickets (orders and projects)

In addition, as in the list view, you can filter and search in the timeline. Filter by phases, statuses, resources, and labels.

Scheduling in timeline

Tasks (or maps) are created or planned from the backlog into the board via the list view or calendar. This can be done manually or with our automation. Tasks have a start or end date. By default, the end date is always the same as the start date.

The task is a bar. You can easily change the start or end date by making the bar shorter or longer. You can also easily move the whole strip. Click on the ball next to the strip to move the whole collection. When you make an adjustment now, the entire collection is automatically scheduled.

More features coming soon

We will switch immediately to add even more functionality to the timeline. the following items will be added at short notice:

  • Backlog
  • Creating tasks
  • Capacity/Workload

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